I was a bit hard on my daughter


    Dear Bunmi,

    My 19 year-old daughter started wearing heavy make-up and spending lots of money on hair treatments. I was very angry about how much she was spending until she began to cry. She confessed she had hair extensions fitted because she had some bald patches she got when she pulled out so much hair. I feel really bad about what I now see as over-reacting. How can she break this habit?

    Ebele, by e-mail.


    Dear Ebele,

    Don’t feel guilty as this problem is about her – not you. Good thing is, she confided in you. Obsessive hair-pulling is horribly common among young girls suffering from low self-esteem. As is hiding behind layers of make-up.

    Build up your closeness by sitting down with her trying to find out a suitable solution of her illness. A good hair stylist might help, so might a dermatologist from any of the Teaching Hospitals. Build up her self-worth by letting her know how common her problem is and how treatable.

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